30 Day Squat Challenge!

So I came across a challenge on Instagram; it’s a squat challenge.


The challenge is to do 100 squats per day. It didn’t say how many days the challenge is, so I just decided on 30 days. There are rest days. You do 100 squats for 3 days, then take a rest day, then 100 squats for 3 days again with another rest day following and so on and so forth.

I thought this would be a good challenge to do to because if done properly, squats can build muscles in your legs, buttocks, and back. Plus, if you hold dumbbells, you can work out your arms too! Squats are a great exercise to mix into your workout routines and don’t forget that there are different types of squats as well!

Anyway, I’m going to be starting this challenge and at the 30 day mark, I will post before and after pictures. I plan to take a picture everyday (except rest days) of this challenge. I’m sure this will prove to be more difficult than I expect.

I’ll update on how this challenge is going soon! And I have other things to update on as well!

That’s all for now! I’ll be back shortly!


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